VIP Cream [50ml]

SGD 250.00


VIP Cream is a dual functional cream that clears skin tone as well as supplies elasticity and moisture to the skin.

Trehalos prevents moisture in the skin from drying out, keeping the skin moist.

Having powerful antioxidant power, Astaxanthin reduces skin wrinkles and increases skin elasticity, and Fucoxanthin activates fibroblast to increase Collagen and Elastin that contribute to skin elasticity, improving skin tone as well as having moisturizing and volume-increasing effects on aged, irritated skin.

The use of amino acid complex containing a large amount of Glycine, Proline, Alanine, etc, raw materials of Collagen and Elastin helps collagen biosynthesis, playing a key role in maintaining skin’s elasticity. Propolis with excellent antimicrobial action and antioxidant action improves skin trouble and make the skin glossy.


After using toner or at the last stage of skin care, take an appropriate amount. Gently spread from the inside of the face outwards, and then pat until absorbed.

Order of Use: VIP Foaming Cleanser-> VIP Toner-> VIP Serum-> VIP Eye Cream-> VIP Cream


  • Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Contained
  • Collagen, Glycine, Proline, Alanine Contained
  • Whitening + Wrinkle improvement double functional cosmetic - KFDA
  • Including Propolis ingredient for skin damage
  • Skin volume increasing effect & Skin tone improvement effect
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Non-6 (Non-Paraben, Non-Pigment, Non-Sulfate, Non-Benzophenone, Non-Talc, Non-Mineral Oil)
  • *Magnolia liliflora bud extract
    Patent No.10-0680845

    *Maka Peptide (Skinergium Bio) 
    Patent No.WO2004112742

    ★Astaxanthinㆍ Fucoxanthin
    Kelp, seaweed and algae (Microalgae) contains a small amount of carotenoids. It cannot be mass produced and it is very valuable kind of component of the skin.