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The AG Guide: Hand Creams

by Admin AG Skin on 10 September 2016

Why Hand Creams Are Needed?

Do you know that one of the first places to show any signs of ageing is your hands ! They can easily give the game away if you neglect them. Using a good hand cream helps repair and restore damaged hands, ensuring that they not only look younger but feel softer too.

The skin on the back of your hands is different to the skin on your palms. The skin on top of your hands is thinner and has less sebaceous glands. That means it can become dry very quickly. In comparison, the skin on your palms is a lot thicker, so for moisture to penetrate this area a hand cream needs to be rich and full of moisture binding ingredients.

Along with everyday tasks; exposure to water, chemicals and severe temperatures are the main cause of damage to the hands.  Water is naturally drying for the skin, so even something as mundane as washing up without wearing gloves can cause more harm than good. Hands can become dry, cracked and painful.

Generally, hand creams differ from those used on the body, as the hands require a different type of care. As they are constantly exposed, they need to not only feel good, but also be protected. 

Hand creams are much more advanced now and can treat a variety of skin conditions that require more than just hydration. Whether you want to fade age spots, tighten loose skin or soothe excessive dryness, there is a hand cream for you. Make sure you look out for ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea Butter, essential oils and Glycerin which will add much needed moisture to your skin.  If you want anti-aging properties, look out for antioxidants and AHAs, as these will help boost collagen, which plumps the skin.

So the sooner you start using a hand cream, the sooner you will see results.

Take a look at our selection of hand creams and I'm sure you will find one that suits you.


AG Skin Admin

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