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The AG Guide: Mother's Day Special

by Admin AG Skin on 23 April 2016

The AG Guide : Mother's Day Special


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we at AGSKIN Singapore would like to wish all Mother’s a BIG Happy Mother’s Day, the world wouldn't be the same without you!


To celebrate Mother’s Day, we are having a massive markdown in the SALE section so please check it out! Do pop over to our facebook page and there is a secret code to get discounts off regular priced items!


So to all the Mother’s, it is never too late to pamper yourself! And for the daughter's, wouldn’t it be nice for both you and your mom to chill out and having a mask and DIY facial session done at home, what great bonding!


To wrap up our beauty guide for Mother’s Day, we would like to share the top advice Mothers have given their daughters.


Top 5 Mothers to Daughters beauty advice

  1. Keep your hands off your face! Do you know how many germs you have on your hands? - This advice was dished out to me when I was growing up and I realised how important it really was! Thanks Mom, From T

  2. Did you put sunscreen? - Mommy could tell the future as now almost all products have some form of SPF, Thanks Mommy From W

  3. Less is more especially when it comes to makeup ! - I cannot forget the many times I nearly ended up looking like a Getai singer, Thanks Ma! From P

  4. Take Care of your neck! - It finally make sense when you are hitting 40, Thanks Mom. From TL

  5. Dedicate some time for yourself! - This advice keeps me sane after all these year! Thank you Ma. From B


So there we have it! Touching and practical advice given from Mothers to their daughters!


Once is never enough, Happy Mother’s Day!

Till next time,



Stay Always Gorgeous