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The AG Guide: Its all about the Neck

by Admin AG Skin on 14 January 2016

In the Neck of time


Puns aside, besides taking good care of your face, you do need to pay extra attention to the neck too. We do understand that a lot of masks in the market concentrates on hydration to the face but do find one that do equally well for the neck.


A few ways to tell a person’s age is by

  1. Hands

  2. Eyelids

  3. Eyebrows

  4. Hair

  5. Face

  6. Neck


I reckon most of the readers have items 1 to 5 covered. We daily beauty regime ranges from hand moisturizers to eye serums and hair conditioners that strengthens and gives volume. So what about our necks? Starting early is always good to preventing and delaying saggy neck skins.


Saggy skin around the neck can occur from various factors such as genetics, significant weight loss, sun exposure and smoking. Some patients skin becomes inelastic in their 30s, while other patients  don't see it until age 60. Noninvasive treatments like neck mask can be used in a person at the age range of 30s, but once patients are in their early 50s and 60s and have serious saggy skin,a lower face and neck lift might be required.


Start now with a neck mask and remember to massage your neck when doing your daily facial regime. Here is a list of facial mask that we carry that has a neck mask inside!


As Valentine’s Day is a day to share the love, we would be having a SALE on all our mask.  

So check out our SALE selection and get something for your Mom or Sister or pamper yourself!


Wishing all readers

Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s DAY!


Stay Gorgeous


Always Gorgeous Skin Singapore